Background Information

The Regional Transit Authority (RTA) in New Orleans, created in 1983 by the Louisiana Legislature, is a political subdivision of the state. It is governed by a Board of Commissioners, composed of eight appointed representatives from Orleans and Jefferson Parish and the City of Kenner, and managed by an Executive Director (for which an executive search is currently underway) and small staff. Currently, a private operator under contract to the RTA supplies and manages all labor related to the finances, operations, and maintenance of the transit service, while the vehicles and maintenance facilities are owned by the RTA.


The agency serves over 18,000,000 bus, streetcar, ferry, and para-transit passengers annually and provides service on 38 fixed bus and streetcar routes as well as two ferry routes on the Mississippi River. Ridership growth for the system has been substantial – recently averaging 12% per year – and the city requires a transit system of a size and sophistication required to serve it.   


To define an aspirational vision for what the Board of Commissioners and community want transit to be, in the fall of 2017, the RTA completed its first ever Strategic Mobility Plan. In partnership with the Regional Planning Commission, the RTA is just starting a Comprehensive Operating Analysis to determine how to best utilize and deploy resources to serve our community. With its current delegated management contract expiring in August 2019, the RTA is looking for an experienced transit management and operations company to help it achieve those goals.


In addition, the RTA Board of Commissioners continues to implement a robust capital plan that will include, investment in expanded bus service, potential expansion of its streetcar lines and the building/rebuilding of other facilities.

The RTA's FTA Agency Profile can be found here.

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